Week of 2016.10.03 – 2016.10.08


A. Front squat, 3 x 5 reps at 80%
B. Rope climb, 10 reps for time

As many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 hang power cleans (80%)
10 kettlebell swings, left arm
10 kettlebell swings, right arm


A. Strict press, Rule of 6
B. Strict handstand push-up progression; complete 50 reps

Every minute on the minute for 14 minutes:
Even minutes: 15 unbroken wall ball shots
Odd minutes: 40 seconds double-unders practice
Every time you break on wall balls, row 10 calories at the end of the workout


A. Clean pull + clean every other minute x 5 sets (increase weight each set)

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 handstand push-ups
10 one-legged squats, alternating
15 pull-ups


A. Kipping handstand push-up practice, 8 minutes
B. Muscle-up practice, 8 minutes
C. Push press, 3 x 5 reps

3 total sets of 90 seconds on, 30 seconds off of:
• Burpee toes-to-bars
• Row for calories


Deadlifts, 3 x 10 reps at 70% of AIM deadlift (1-rep max + 10%)

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
3 hang power snatches
6 burpees over barbell
Complete 5 total rounds with 1-minute rest between rounds


Clean-and-jerk technique work

"Team Double Heavy Grace"
In teams of 2, for time:
60 clean-and-jerks (185 lb. / 135 lb.)
Scale as needed